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Are you asking which month will your nails grow the longest? Or maybe which month is a good month to grow long nails? Would you mind clarifying? If nails really have no limit in potential length, if not cut- Why do nails, unlike hair, never stop growing and, in any case, they never shed off as well and just keep growing or, if they have a limit, just stop?

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We're not sure what is in nails that makes them a different texture than hair. We encourage you to continue exploring the topic to learn the answer to your question! I also enjoy having sort of long nails, but to have them 10 feet long would be so difficult! Having short-nails hurt sometimes, what I think, and probably is really obvious, is that the nail protects the skin on your finger, especially the squishy part under the nails-ewww!

I forgot it's called! Hi wonderoplis! I have really short nails and I really want long nails. That's why I always wear fake nails. But, I don't think that that I want 10 feet long nails! Do you think that nails that long could easily break off? If you had nails that were 10 feet long, we bet you'd have a difficult time doing practically anything that involved using your hands!

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We imagine it takes a lot of hard work to keep fingernails growing and growing like that. What a disappointment it would be if you broke one! I think that they should cut their nails. What if they want to play basketball, but they can't because their nails are in the way and are too long to play? Hi Nathan!

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It's amazing how long fingernails can grow! Different sports do have different rules on how long someone's nails can be! Do you play basketball? Have you ever wondered who invented basketball? Hi, Wonder Friend! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the video, too! We understand that everyone likes learning about different things!

We hope you explore the many other Wonders here at Wonderopolis! Hi there, Wonder Friend Jaylynn! It's pretty incredible, isn't it? Great question, Carlise! We bet you will learn something new about why it's important to wash your hands! It all has to do with great hygiene!

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Wow I can't believe nails can grow that long! I was wondering if you had any tips on growing your nails very fast! Isn't that incredible, Nicole? We think it's important to eat healthy-- the nutrients from fruits and vegetables will help your nails grow nice and strong! Thanks for visiting this Wonder and sharing your opinion of long fingernails, Sydney! We appreciate your comment!

Hi, I really love this topic because I care about my nails and do not want them to turn out like that. Should a fingernail really be that long? I like how the lady with the longest nails still gets manicures and pedicures!! I can not believe that she hasn't cut them since !! I had no idea about the fingernail beds and cells. Nails seriously grow one tenth of an inch each month I think she should cut her nails. Team Unger We really appreciate your opinion about nails and the lady in the video, Team Unger 21!

It's really fun to imagine what it must be like to have such long nails, isn't it? Hi Wonder friends, I was wondering how does she get dressed with such long nails? I think the wonder tomorrow will be about why do you have to turn in your home work. I wonder how long does it take to paint her nails. My day was awesome! We think the lady with the long nails can probably get dressed in the same time or maybe just a little longer than a person without long nails. She has grown accustomed to having her super long nails over such a long period of time, and most likely taught herself how to do things like brush her teeth, get dressed and do her hair in a special way!

Wow, that's really cool! I would never grow my nails that long, but that's unbelievable that she had so much patience. I also didn't know that nails grow that little a year. Thank you for stopping by Wonderopolis today! Hi, Wonder Friends. I hope you have a great day, wonderopolis. I wonder what was the longest fingernail in the world record book.

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I wonder Who was a fist person in the world record book. I was wondering what was the longest fingernail in the whole entire world. I think the girl in the video I think that's her in there I wonder how many feet can grow in the world. How many minutes they took to paint their fingernails. I think like 20 minutes to paint their fingernails.

I wonder how many people have the longest fingernails. I wonder how many years to grow long fingernails. I think 5 years to grow fingernails.

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I hope you have a great day wonderopolis. Do you know why?

ipdwew0030atl2.public.registeredsite.com/479264-cell-surveillance-application.php Keep it up Hello wonderopolis! AudreyG-I wonder why she wants to break that world record?

And MollyH-I wonder how she types on a computer. And MollyH-I wonder how long it took to paint her nails? And AudreyG-I wonder when she started growing her nails? And MollyH-I wonder how long it took her to get in the world records book.