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The cloth ripped and the smaller man jumped away, trying to get the camera into position for another shot. He rolled.

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In addition to the power packed into his rangy frame, he had a gymnasts grace and economy of motion. Again he hurled himself downward, as though diving into water. This time he fastened on flesh.

Shayne held on and kept rolling. The narrowness of the aisle stopped him. Reversing, he brought the Japanese to his feet. Another man with the same kind of doctored camera was a few steps above them, a Japanese like his companion but larger and more powerfully built, as tall as Shayne himself. He was crouching, holding the camera to his eye as though trying to photograph the action. Shayne hesitated only an instant. He shifted his grip and ran the wiry Japanese back up the aisle and thrust him hard against the bigger man, who went down in surprise.

Then Shayne whirled, raced down the remaining steps, touched the railing lightly, and vaulted over. Momentum carried him across the grass toward the playing field. After three steps, he cut abruptly toward the fifty-yard line. Glancing back, he saw the larger of the two gunmen, one leg over the rail, trying to pick up Shayne in his sights.

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An instant later Shayne was among the officials on the sidelines. The Miami quarterback, on the field, was making the same kind of calculation as Shayne, on the sidelines.

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The big Japanese dropped over the railing and came after Shayne in a crouching run, keeping close to the stands. Shayne had several options.

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One was to dash toward the Dolphin bench, assuming that the hidden gun was inaccurate at any distance over a few yards. With this man and the other members of the front four as escort, Shayne could scare the Japanese back into the stands. He wanted to find out who had ordered this shooting, and why. A Dolphin pass fell incomplete.

As the ball was brought back, Shayne swung sharply and set out across the playing field. One of the men on the bench yelled at him. He waved and kept going. The defensive linebackers, lumbering back into position, gave Shayne looks of surprise. Shayne had reached the first hash mark by the time the referee spotted him. Two officials started toward him from the end zone, and Shayne broke into a hard run, angling away toward the line of scrimmage.

He veered, a conspicuous, almost puny figure amid the helmets and face bars and padded uniforms.

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He heard a whistle. Running at top speed, he broke through the officials before they could converge in front of him. He stepped out of bounds and straight-armed an assistant coach. A press photographer fell out of his way. Shayne faked toward the ground-level ramp leading into the locker rooms. Swiveling, he swung over into the field boxes, reached the aisle without stepping on anybody, and took the steps two at a time. Play resumed. As Shayne went out through the lower-tier exit, he heard a full-throated roar, the roar of a partisan crowd witnessing a breakaway run.

Seeing a cop ahead, he plunged into a men's room. He was alone there except for another usher, who was using the urinal.

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Shayne showed him his private detectives license. Rent me that blazer for five minutes for fifty bucks. The usher, a corpulent, red-faced youth, stared at Shayne. The detective took a fifty out of his wallet. I want to get next to him without being spotted. Fifty bucks for five minutes. He snapped his fingers impatiently. The blazer fitted, but the hat was two sizes too small. Shayne told the boy to meet him at Gate One in five minutes, and went out.

The cop he had seen was walking toward him, but Shayne was now invisible in the bright clothes. He went down to ground level and out past a ticket taker wearing the same kind of striped blazer. A broad apron of concrete separated the stadium from a sea of parked cars. Shayne tipped the tight hat over his forehead and started cautiously around the big horseshoe. He heard a groan from the crowd; someone had dropped a pass or been caught in the meat grinder. There were seventy-five thousand people within shouting distance, but Shayne and the two armed Japanese were probably the only ticket holders who were interested in anything at that moment besides football.

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Each story is introuduced by "Mike Shayne. Publisher: NY, Torquil: Michael Shayne's lovely secretary, Lucy Hamilton, gets him into his 26th case when she hid a mysteriously wounded friend in the bedroom of her Miami apartment. Very scarce title View more info. By: Halliday, Brett as Dresser, Davis.

Publisher: NY, Pocket: Western novel by Brett Halliday, the creator of Michael Shayne, here writing under his real name. Originally published in View more info. Mike Shayne View more info.

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A Michael Shayne mystery ghost-written by Robert Terrell and originally published in View more info. Hollywood setting with Mike Shayne View more info.

follow link Condition: Mass market paperback, fine in pictorial wraps Dell - which is the same number Dell gave to the original first edition in Publisher: NY, Ziff: Condition: Owner's bookplate on front pastedown endpaper, tiny stain to lower edge, else a fine copy in a fine Dust Jacket. A quite scarce title in any edition View more info. Publisher: NY, Dodd: Michael Shayne View more info. A Michael Shayne mystery View more info.

Condition: A near fine copy in a near fine Dust Jacket. Jacket front flap has been detatched and archivally re-attached. Florida P.