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In a fight between Elektra and Sydney, Elektra would win. Sydney doesn't want to kill any- one. She kills because she has to. Elektra is just an all-around uglier, dirtier and grittier fighter. And that was an easy role for me to play. Sydney's in love and we're going to play that out. But there's much more to explore. They've got to learn to balance the trust in their relationship with the fact that they've both been trained to lie. And, of course, Sloane [Ron Rifkin] is back and Sloane is bad.

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There's talk of an Elektra film franchise which Garner says she's up for and she likes the potential of a comedy career. Her upcoming 13 Going on 30 is sim- ilar to Big, and has her transforming into a year-old with a year-old mind. But the actress — despite acknowledging the grind of series television — isn't anxious to leave Alias behind. I can take risks in something like Daredevil or 13 Going on 30 and, if all else fails, I'm still going back to a wonderful place where I'm still learning.

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I'm not wishing for Alias to go away anytime soon. She's incredibly empowering for women and, yes, she's pret- ty damned sexy. Maybe I should worry about being typecast more than I am. But I like doing this and I'm always learning. I can do the fighting and the other stuff, but I'm not really a true martial artist. Maybe in time, if I keep at it, I might just become one. I felt like I was successful then. I really never thought about doing certain things to get to a certain point. I've always just been along for the ride and loving what I do. I did a lot of stuff for free until my mother finally said, 'Jennifer, go to New York. Why don't you face it, this is what you love.

It's nearly halfway through the final week of shooting on the syndicated series' second season, and as producer Jonathan Hackett directs, the cast rehearses an emotional scene about Shalimar Fox's troubled childhood.

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Victoria Pratt, who plays the feral mutant, delivers her lines. Her castmates react, two cameras covering their faces in close-up.