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See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Aug 25, This book will give you basic understanding about independent journalism. The 7 chapters in the book were summarised and presented to my Media and Communication Class.

The Data Journalism Handbook by Liliana Bounegru, Lucy Chambers, Jonathan Gray

I hope I can share you something important for your study and career. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. A weekly magazine that covers medical news would report on the Types of News testing of an experimental drug because the H doctors who read the publication presumably ard news is essentially the news of the would be interested.

But unless the drug is day. For example, the newspaper in the community where the war, politics, business, and crime are frequent research is being conducted. Some unusual story that people likely would discuss of the best stories on any given day, in fact, are with their friends. By definition, that makes stories into two basic categories: hard news and it a feature story. Many newspapers and online- soft news, also called features.

Larger newspapers even may have weekly sections for specific kinds of features on food, health, education, and so forth.

So you want to be an investigative journalist?

In most cases, hard news monitor emergency communications between and soft news are written differently. Hard first responders and can dispatch journalists to news stories generally are written so that the the scene quickly so they can watch the story audience gets the most important information unfold.

Some stories blend these two approaches. A story about a new treatment reporters, say they often get story ideas by option for AIDS patients would be hard news. News features are an effective way to explore Press releases can be another source of trends or complex social problems by telling news, but again, they are just a starting point. A wary of being manipulated by the organizers fatal automobile accident in Paris might not be who want to tell only their side of the story. Journalists also do additional reporting to get a complete story.

In some 7 Most reporters say their best stories come reporter Nancy Amons learned that one driver from their own enterprise. Sometimes story in her town had managed to amass a dozen suggestions come from strangers, who may traffic violations in three years and had even visit, telephone, or e-mail the newsroom caused an accident that killed another driver with a complaint or concern. When organizations actively solicit ideas from people she investigated, city officials admitted they had who live in the communities they serve, by failed to do their job.

But talking about. Ask the people you meet when necessarily a reliable source of news.

Handbook of Independent Journalism, by Deborah Potter: FREE Book Download

Unlike a propagandist or a gossip, the Another way to find news is to ask what journalist sorts through the information has happened since the last time a story was available and determines how much of it is in the paper or on the air. Follow-ups often valuable and reliable before passing it on to the lead to surprising developments that are even public. News stories, whether hard news or more newsworthy than the original report. Journalists not only For example, a story about a fire the day after collect the information they need to tell the it happened might tell you how many people story, they have to verify the information before were killed and the extent of the property they can use it.

Journalists rely on first-hand damage. But a follow-up several weeks later observation whenever possible and consult could discover that a faulty radio system made it impossible for firefighters to respond quickly enough to save more lives. Documents, data, and public records can lead to terrific stories as well. Reporters can use them to look for trends or to spot irregularities.

Data Journalism with Impact

For example, a list of people who have received speeding tickets might yield a story if it could be sorted by name instead of date. Respect for that integrity is painfully won and easily lost. Objec tivit y and Fairness T he concept of objectivity in journalism multiple sources to make sure the information developed almost a century ago, as a they receive is reliable.

And, except on rare reaction to the sensational, opinion- occasions, they identify the sources of their driven reporting that was common information so the audience can evaluate its in most newspapers of the day. In , Another distinction between journalism the U. Journalists are human beings, after all. Claiming that they are completely organization he or she is writing about is objective suggests that they have no values. A journalist, on the must be aware of their own opinions so they other hand, will attempt to provide a complete can keep them in check.

By using an objective, for their own viewpoints or for information scientific method for verifying information, provided by others. A other words, should be impartial and fair. Journalists also strive to be fair in their job is challenging and complicated. As Philip reporting by not telling one-sided stories.

In journalist has the inescapably impossible task addition to verifying assertions of fact, they will of providing every week a first rough draft of seek out differing opinions in cases where the a history that will never be completed about a facts are in dispute. Balance suggests that there are only work than at any other time in history, from two sides to any story, which is rarely the case, small community newspapers to worldwide and that each side should be given equal weight. Each of the media outlets has different balance in their stories actually may produce strengths and weaknesses.

For In most countries, daily newspapers example, the vast majority of independent generally have the largest staffs and offer economists may agree on the consequences of a more depth on a wider range of topics than particular spending policy while a small handful the broadcast media. With the addition of has a different opinion, which has been proven online sites, many newspapers have begun to wrong by past experience. A story giving equal overcome the limitations of their traditional time or space to the views of both groups would once-a-day publication schedule.

But they be misleading. Radio reporters that leads some journalists to get opposing tell stories with sound as well as words, so quotes when the facts overwhelmingly support listeners feel they have experienced some of one side. Radio news is on the air many times a day, so it is frequently updated. But most radio stations provide only News Prov i d e r s a limited amount of time for each newscast, which tends to be a short summary of only the J ournalists the world over share certain biggest stories, without the depth or breadth characteristics.

Kevin Marsh, an editor at the British share experiences with viewers. But for all these new demands, the heart Recently, the distinction between the of good journalism remains the same. As Bill traditional categories of print and broadcast Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel write in their book, news has blurred. And they can make it possible for users to independence from those they cover. News organizations are even posting their all other forms of communication. Abiding by own Web logs commonly known by the short- them is not easy.

But keeping them in mind is the best or the decisions being made in the newsroom. Reporters may their lives.

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Photographers may need to shoot video as well as still pictures, and they also may have to provide text to go along with their pictures. Many news organizations are providing training for journalists who are taking on new roles in the newsroom. The tip came in an e -mail from a former government official who suggested looking into the supply of life rafts on ferries in Washington state. Repor ter Eric Nalder, then with the Seattle Times, decided to check it out. Who has just getting started. Do they have documents showing the number of life rafts anything in common? He had to analyze the data WHAT: to determine the seriousness of the shortage.

What am I passengers and crew. Only then was he ready really trying to say? What is the most Reporting is a painstaking process that important single fact I learned? What happens carefully for accuracy. Journalists sometimes next? How will evidence in public records, reports, or archives. Is it an isolated case Good reporters or part of a trend? Why should anyone watch, read, or listen to it?

Is the takers. Here are some tips on note-taking from attribution clear?

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  8. Make clear which is which, and where they came from. Leave space for Journalists want to witness events for annotating notes. Many reporters use their own shorthand To do this well, journalists need an accurate for common words so they can take notes record of their observations. A print reporter more quickly. For radio, journalists need to capture need to follow up on or check for accuracy, and sound, and for television, both sound and video.

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    It sounds obvious, but reporters must be sure they have the tools they need before heading out to cover a story: notebook, pen, tape or digital recorder, and fresh batteries. Size: Format: PDF.